Buying painkillers from online pharmacies is just a matter of few clicks nowadays. The point of concern here is that it’s really very easy for customers to buy these opioid pain killers even in large quantities that makes it very clear that online pharmacies do not care about the health of the customers. If you seek my personal opinion, then certain restrictions must certainly be put on purchase of such drugs to as to curb drug addiction amongst people and also prevents it’s misuse.

Recently I got the opportunity to have a talk with a specialist in chronic pain, interventional pain management, complex region pain syndrome and a very renowned personality Dr. Adrian G Bartoli. A research publisher in the leading science journals, Dr. Adrian also serves as the medical advisory of .

During the conversation, Dr. revealed to me about the dynamics of online pharmacy and also mentioned about some of the flaws of the online dispensaries that exploit customers for their own benefit. That’s when the story of Katherine came out.

According to Dr. Adrian, Katherine is a 28-year-old adult who was in the practice of buying tramadol despite not having any dependency on the medication as she was recommended by someone soon after she lost her job and broke up with her boyfriend.

“I went into depression when I lost my job and my boyfriend broke up with me. Not being able to cope up with life, I was recommended tramadol pills by one of my friends. The sensation induced by tramadol was overwhelming and helped me cope up with life. That’s exactly when I started Buying tramadol without prescription over the counter through several online dispensaries.”

While there are certain restrictions in the US on purchase of drugs like tramadol, illegal overseas pharmacies based out of US have none.

“All I needed to say was that I have a cyst and I needed a painkiller like tramadol to get rid of it. I easily procured Tramadol very easily from online pharmacies as well.”

The worst happened when she started consuming more than 20 tramadol pills per day. Her justification for the same was that tramadol doesn’t affects her daily life and she works even after consuming it.

Tramadol can produce euphoric feelings when consumed in large quantities.

“I kept shopping from different online dispensaries simultaneously as these pharmacies are not linked to each other they did not come to know if I was shopping around at other places.”

The result?

“I ordered tramadol from more than three online pharmacies simultaneously until I purchased 400 pills a month”

The fact alone is very threatening but I didn’t stop. I even started to receive emails from these websites claiming discounts on such drugs tempting me to buy more.

Katherine finally quit using tramadol once her pocket gave up. She went through horrendous experience of withdrawal symptoms but fought back fiercely to get rid of medication completely.

Online pharmacies are a boon the mankind if people know how to use it and not defame the system by involving in malpractices such as buying drugs illegally. Online pharmacies must also ask for prescription while serving drugs to the people. Best place to buy tramadol online is as we have taken care of all the points mentioned above.

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