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Valium Side Effects

The most common valium side effects are:

Drowsiness: This is a feeling of lethargy and sleepiness. The activity of this anti-anxiety medication involves the slowing down of brain functions so as to induce a state of relaxation but because medicines affect people in different ways, some may feel an added sense of drowsiness when taking these diazepam tablets. The best method of dealing with drowsiness is to lie down and rest. It is also important that you not engage in an activity that requires mental cognition.
Fatigue: Fatigue is experienced as an overall feeling of tiredness. When you have an intense lack of energy, you can use foods or drinks to help boost your energy levels. Some of these foods and beverages can include bananas, coffee and apples as well. You should aim to eat and drink nutritious foods and drinks, as a healthy, balanced diet can also help increase energy levels.
Muscle weakness: These diazepam tablets are used for the treatment of muscle spasms, but can also have a heightened effect on the muscles thereby causing muscle weakness. Dietary changes can assist with the symptoms of this side effect as well as regular physical activity.                            

Valium Effects

Even though valium side effects are a possibility by merely administering a valium dosage, the way in which you use the medication can also result in undesirable effects. 

You should aim to use the medication at times when the effects are not so prominent
If you have an issue with drowsiness as a side effect, for example, you should take the medicine at night when you can go to sleep and not have to engage in any daily activity. Furthermore, the effects of these diazepam tablets result in sedation, which can assist the patient with better sleep. If muscle weakness is an unwanted secondary effect of this medication, you should administer these diazepam tablets at a time when you can rest or take an afternoon nap to help with these symptoms. 

Take the medication at the lowest possible dosage that provides adequate relief from your symptoms
Using a lower dose may assist in reducing your risk of valium side effects. Higher doses of this therapeutic could lead to too much of the active ingredient being present in the body, which can result in unpleasant symptoms. Using the medication exactly as directed is the best means of reducing your risk of adverse effects. 

Is Valium Dangerous?

Benzodiazepines were originally developed as a substitute to barbiturate medications, which had a greater risk profile. But with all therapeutics, a risk of dependence or tolerance is always a possibility. Hence, you should stick to recommended doses. 

You can find valium for sale in almost any country as there are over 500 brands of this medication available, in generic and brand-name formulations. However, this medication has the potential to be misused. The data from a 2015 to 2016 national survey in the United States for example, revealed that: 

  • 12.5% of adults in the U.S use benzodiazepines. This percentage equates to 30.5 million people.
  • Of this statistic, 0.2% meet the requirements of having benzodiazepine misuse disorder
  • Approximately 22.4% of those using the medication for sleep disorders and stress-related symptoms, buy anxiety meds online  on a regular basis and are abusing them
  • 20% of these adults did not acquire the medication with a prescription

These statistics do not indicate the dangers of the medication but rather the dangers of misusing it. Whilst this therapeutic may be associated with a potential for developing dependence or tolerance, if used correctly the benefits can outweigh the risks. Acquiring the medicine through incorrect channels, and using the diazepam tablets against the advice of a healthcare professional and for reasons other than those medically indicated are factors which contribute to the abuse of Valium anxiety meds in the USA and across Europe. 

Valium Withdrawal

  • One of the most significant risks of benzodiazepine use is the potential of physical dependency. In situations where the medication is being used in the long-term, the body may become used to the therapeutic and require the effects thereof for proper functioning. Withdrawal symptoms are an effect of physical dependency to a medicine.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are the physical and/or physiological effects of an abrupt discontinuation of a medication. Valium withdrawal symptoms may start within 24 hours of the last administered dosage and the time taken for these symptoms to disappear can vary. Some withdrawal symptoms can last for just a few hours but others may last longer, for days, weeks or even indefinitely.
  • The symptoms of withdrawal can sometimes be the exact problem the medicine was being used for. For example, when using insomnia medications in the long-term, an abrupt discontinuation of treatment can lead to enhanced symptoms of insomnia. Likewise, if the therapeutic was being used for the relief of anxiety, a sudden halt of treatment may lead to severe signs of anxiety.
  • Withdrawal from short-acting benzodiazepines may occur much sooner than from those which have longer-lasting effects. This is because short-acting medications often have a shorter half-life (time it takes for the medicine to leave the body) than longer-acting therapeutics.

Does Valium Cause Weight Gain?

This medication may be associated with weight gain, as a side effect. Several conditions can cause patients to lose weight at a quicker rate than they should. Sleep and anxiety disorders can take a toll on the mental, physical and emotional well-being of an individual; often associated with the effect of losing weight. In situations like these, the effect of weight gain may not be as significant. 

However, for lots of people, the effect of weight gain may be undesirable. This is one of the valium side effects that are generally mild in severity and a discontinuation of the medication typically leads to a loss of the added weight gained through treatment, according to experts. If you are concerned about this effect, you can get further insight to the effects of this medication by researching topics such as: 

  • What is valium made of and does it cause weight gain?
  • How does valium work in the body?

Other than researching the composition and functioning of the therapeutic, you can also consult user reviews. These, provide information on the personal experiences of those using the medicine, with regard to weight gain. Customer reviews can be accessed through the e-commerce platforms or secure websites like ours, when you buy valium online without prescription

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